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The place to be for sourcing functional fabrics and accessories

PERFORMANCE DAYS is synchronized with the industry’s deadlines – making it possible for designers, product, purchasing and material managers to perform sourcing at just the right time for the upcoming summer and winter collections in April/May and October/November. The latest trends and innovations in the functional fabric industry are on display by more than 290 top quality exhibitors from around 30 nations.


For everybody.
For everyday.

The products from Everbasics are pure understatement that is impressive. We consciously pay attention to sustainable and fair production and working conditions at our suppliers.

The cotton that we use in Everbasics articles is 100% organically grown.


Team & Contact

Christian Weichert
Sales Fashion & Workwear
in the fashion industry since 1971
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-13
Marco Weichert
CEO & sales director
in the sportswear industry since 1995
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-15
Tabea Lier
Sales Support manager
in the sportswear industry since 2001, responsible for Pontetorto, Flying Textile and H One
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-10
Robert Mauthe
Senior Sales Manager Sport & Workwear
In the fashion industry since 1986, responsible for Hyosung and IBQ
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-16
Martin Schellenberg
Sales Manager Sport & Polygiene
in the sportswear industry since 1985, responsible for Pertex and Miti
Jennifer Karl
Head of Sales Support & Strategic Sales
in the sportswear industry since 1995, responsible for Long Advance and Fibre for Good
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-11
Clarissa Stadelmann
Sales fashion & sport
in the fashion industry since 2011
Ute Mauch
Sales Manager sport & fashion
in sportswear industry since 2000, responsible for Omniteksas, Brrr, Siantex and Tere
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-20
Kitty Deng
Senior Sales Manager
in the sportswear industry since 2005, responsible for Hempfortex, Shepherd, 3M and Shenli
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-25
Dörte Kruse
Sales Sport
in the sportswear industry since 1994, responsible Dry Tex and Flying Textile
+41 (0)79 / 31 55 90 9
Stefanie Breitenreiter
Since 2017 at Weichert Agencies
Johanna Götz
Junior Sales Support Manager
Since 2021 at Weichert Agencies
+49 (0)89 / 93 94 60-28

70 years of international textile industry experience

Weichert Agencies is a professional partner. Decades of accumulated experience is reflected in our extraordinary knowledge of the markets and the clothing industry, and provides a valuable input to dialogs with our customers and suppliers.

In partnership with our customers, the company develops the requirements profiles for new developments and executes these with suppliers. Consequently, we have a continuous flow of customer-oriented developments and valuable innovations.

Because of the stability of the agency and the close customer relationships, even international suppliers want to cooperate with the Weichert family and their staff. The number of representations and the diverse range of products we in turn can offer, provides them an even greater range of choice.

Weichert Agencies is proud of its long history honoring family and international tradition. Since 1950, 3 generations have lived and breathed the clothing industry.

This experience and the related contacts are a valuable added benefit for our suppliers, customers, and staff alike.

It forms the basis for the high level of customer trust in the agency and is equally the reason why suppliers are eager to be represented by the agency. Weichert Agencies recognized the potential of functional fabrics as early as 1992 and expanded the product range to include fashions for sports and workwear products.

We place our services ahead of the growing competition and globalization under the motto: „Quality products and services for our valued customers”.

We operate under clearly defined principles: Individually tailored, functional, high performance, and efficient innovations and quality products at reasonable prices.

As there is a relationship between the quality of the services offered and the quality of the products represented, we demand top quality from the business we represent and support them in the pursuit of common goals.

Our aim: Always provide quality products and services

Our customers judge not only the quality of the conveyed products, but also the associated services such as material inquiries, production planning, and claims processing. We have clear quality policies for our transactions with suppliers and customers.

Across the entire product spectrum, Weichert Agencies acts as a solution provider not just a merchandise mediator, i.e., products and services are customized for the individual requirements of the suppliers and the customers as far as economically possible.

Weichert Agencies operates with ten permanent employees working in the office and in the field and, additionally, enjoys the services of an European network of freelancers in the areas of design, product management and sales.

Company history



1950 Established by Rudolf Weichert in Hamburg in cooperation with Pontetorto, Italy
1970 Christian Weichert, 2nd generation, joined the firm
1980 Christian Weichert GmbH established in Munich
Pure fashion textile business as fabric agent, primarily with European manufacturers
1992 Acquisition of Burlington, USA Sales.
Expansion of sportswear sales with Burlington-USA (MCS) and Pontetorto (TECNOPILE)
1995 Marco Weichert, 3rd generation, joined the agency
2000 Established Design & Development GmbH
Opened office in Ismaning
2001 Begin sales of Asian textile manufacturers, priority on Taiwan and Korea
2005 Establishment of Ver-So (Vertical Solutions) network, for European distribution
2008 Foundation of the PERFORMANCE DAYS functional fabric fair
2012 Clarissa Weichert joined the agency after finishing her studies as b.a. in fashion and design management at the AMD Munich


Weichert GmbH

Mayerbacherstraße 32
85737 Ismaning

089 / 93 94 60-0
Skype: WeichertAgencies


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